Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2013 Turkey Red Blue Jays.

Ah yes.  Another Online Only Super Exclusive Base Ball Set From Topps Co of Brooklyn NY.

Last years Heritage Hi-Number irked me greatly for it's $uper Exclusive nature...and this Turkey Red set gives me all those same feelings.  I hate when Topps does this.  But yet again, wanting to nab the Blue Jays + the Roy Halladay card (which I haven't finangled into my PC yet) has trumped my disdain.  I am weak.


So here are the five Jays cards from Turkey Red.

Whaddya say Edwin...another 40 home runs or so? I put this card in my player collection binder or my Blue Jays binder?  I'll probably try to buy this card again to placate my desire to have the card in both binders.  Curses.


I can't wait to see Jose Reyes play for my team.  I've watched parts of some Spring Training games & my goodness...what a fun player.  Very tempted to start a Reyes PC.

Annnd here's Dickey's first Blue Jay card too.  Another player that's going to be super fun to watch.  With payday coming up on Friday, I think I'm gonna buy R.A.'s book. 



Roy-Z said...

Finally, a Colby Rasmus card as a Blue Jay that looks really, really good.

...and then there was Heritage.

Dennis said...

Colby has some pretty...interesting looking cards to be sure!