Sunday, February 10, 2013

Getting There.

We're in the home stretch now. 

A couple of years after it's release I can now see the finish line for the 2011 Heritage set.  When I began this undertaking I think I'd forgotten the....(ahem), joys of completing a set with sooo many dastardly short prints.  I'd swear off ever doing that again - but knowing myself, I'll probably follow another rabbit down the rabbit hole again. 

I'm getting ahead of myself a bit here though.  I still have seven more short prints to go......bah.  We'll call them: The Group Of Seven (completely original!)

They are:

#429 - Tim Lincecum (who's currently making me think of the lyrics to Pavement's: "Cut Your Hair")
#431 - Welington Castillo
#433 - Kyle Davies
#456 - Jeff Keppinger
#490 - Alex Rodriguez
#496 - McKenry/St. Pierre/Hatcher/Nickeas/Hill
#498 - Bell/Worth/Hughes/Plouffe

I'm gonna try to get this wrapped up once & for all.  If you have any of The Group Of Seven, please let me know & hopefully we can work out some sort of trade. 

Here are a few of the SP's that I've just recently roped in:

#467 - Robbie Cano.
One of my favourite swings in baseball.  A great player & most likely the next Yankee to be paid infinity dollars. 

#500 - Bourjos/Kalish/Nava/Heisey/Morrison

#447 - Shin-Soo Choo
Now the starting center fielder for the Reds, who look to be an excellent team again for the 2013 season.

Blue Jays pitchers & catchers officially report to Spring Training on Tuesday morning.

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