Sunday, January 13, 2013

First day of NHL Training camp.

Having FINALLY solved their collective bargaining debacle, today is the opening of training camps across the NHL.  Good job, good effort NHL.

To commemorate the beginning of the NHL season, here are a few cards I picked up yesterday of my beloved New York Rangers.

I love the simplicity of these O-Pee-Chee cards. 

Marc Staal is awfully tired.  Yawning & stretching his arms like that in the middle of a game. 

I'm far from being a well versed hockey card guy, but to my eyes Upper Deck does hockey right. Really sharp photos on nearly all of the cards I've seen.  Too bad they didn't...y'know, still have that baseball license, right?

Here's a Score hockey card of hot shot rookie Chris Kreider.  The Rangers have spent the last several years fortifying their back end with young defensemen.  Kreider is one of the few high upside forwards the team has developed.  Hopefully Kreider hits the mark this year with the Blueshirts.



Roy-Z said...

I'm excited to see how Kreider will be.

My apologies for the slow trade turnaround. I've acquired a few Jays doubles that I'll be adding to your Halladay Purple package.

Hackenbush said...

I have no idea how good my Blackhawks will be this year but I am looking forward to seeing some hockey.