Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1st Card of 2013.

A Yankee.  Of course.

Each year the first card of the very first pack I open is always a member of the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox.  Last year I think it was Youkilis...or maybe Pedroia...I'm not sure but this trend is insufferable and it's got to stop.

Another quibble: Mark Teixeira could be the nicest guy ever.  I wouldn't know ....but I really hate the 'Mark Teixeira Face' that we see on full display here.  Please, if you see Mark please inform him that he needs knock it off with this ridiculousness.

Otherwise, I really like 2013 Topps.  The photos are tremendous.  The design is clean & pleasing enough...I'm a big fan for the most part.   I may collect it.  Not sure...we'll see.  It seems somewhat bizarre that since I started collecting again in 2009, I haven't once been tempted to complete the flagship set.

Anyways, well done Topps.  I'd show more from the few packs I nabbed but scanning a bunch of things is entirely too tedious right now.


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