Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Cards of 2012.

The madness of December typically means there's not a lot of cardboarding for this intrepid blogger.  Which is certainly A-OK.  The Card Calendar of releases doesn't hold much interest for me at this time of year either...I'm more or less just counting the days & weeks until pitchers & catchers report (6 weeks!!!).

That said, I did bust open about  6 packs of chrome goodness this month.  One of my pals surprised me with three packs of Bowman chrome for Christmas...pretty awesome because, I can't think of one occasion where we've ever discussed baseball cards.  There may have been a tip-off from one of Santa's Elves.


I'm reading the Jeter book "The Captain" right now, which I got as a Christmas gift last year.  I am...woefully slow with the reading list. 

This Jacoby Ellsbury refractor scanned in a pretty fun way.  Our old scanner / printer crapped out a couple of weeks ago & I'm just now getting the hang of this new contraption. 

Adam Conley autograph.  Good stuff.  Baseball America lists Conley as the #10 prospect for the Marlins (shout outs to all the new Marlins prospects who used to be Blue Jays prospects!). 

I also snapped up a few packs of Topps Chrome at the beginning of Ho Ho season.  Here are a few things from those packs.

I'm really looking forward to having this guy in Toronto.  What a dream off-season it's been for the Local'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out once it's time to actually play the games.

I'm posting this because it's a cool photo & features a no doubt about it, 1st ballot Hall Of Famer in Chipper Jones.  I'm pretty far from being a fan of Chipper but still...respect on a great career.

Another Dodger.  This scan is pleasing.  Praise you, new scanner!

I was very fortunate with pulling autos this month.  Tyler Pastornicky was once a Blue Jays shortstop prospect but was traded to the Braves in the Yunel Escobar trade.  From what I understand, Pastornicky has fallen down the depth chart with the emergence of Andrelton Simmons.

Blue refractors are the bests now + always.

Hope everyone's had a great holiday season & if you're going out tonight & plan on drinking - please, whatever you do, do not get behind a wheel.


Roy-Z said...

Wow, some outstanding luck there. I was fortuante enough to rip a purple refractor hot box blaster of '12 Chrome yesterday. If you're not too attached to that Lindor card, I can be...

Dennis said...

Hey Roy, the Lindor card is definitely available. Would you be interested in trading that purple Halladay card for it? No worries if not. I've got the Lindor set aside for you.

Roy-Z said...

Consider it a deal. Roy's cards leave me feeling kind of hollow. Halladay means we have Reyes. I love me some Reyes.