Monday, November 26, 2012

Old is new. New is old.

Hey look...a Bobby Cox McDonald's commercial from 1985. 

The Blue Jays named their new / old manager this past week.  It was a shocker.  None of the usual suspects in the media had John 'Gibby' Gibbons as a candidate and by all accounts, he wasn't really a candidate until the very end.  While I was certainly floored by his appointment, I'm happy he got the job.  I heard the news last Tuesday morning as I lay in bed...minutes after waking up.  Upon hearing the radio voice announce the hire, I immediately sprung up: "GIBBY!!!".

 Here are Gibby's cards from his 1st go-around. 

Gibby is a Texan through & you better believe that's a firm handshake. 

A Classic Manager pose. Striking the balance between tough & approachable.

It was funny to see John presented with a jersey at his introduction.  It'll surely be the last time we ever see him in wear one.  Like some managers, Gibby seems to prefer the windbreaker / smock thing.

 Here's Gibby in the smock / windbreaker thing again.

Gibbons has the 3rd most wins (305) of any Blue Jays manager, behind only Cito Gaston (690 wins) and Bobby Cox (355 wins).  Surely, he'll pass Cox this season but I'll be curious to see how he fares this time around.  The team appears to be much stronger than the one he had before & that, combined with weaker Yankees & Red Sox teams, could make things very interesting.

I wish the season could start tomorrow!


Anthony Hughes said...

thanks for posting the Bobby Cox / Mcdonalds commercial, that was fun. I got Iron Horse, failed the MVP question, and guessed Alvis Woods as 1st Jay homer... oh well. It was first '77 Blue Jay that came to mind!

Dennis said...

I was happy to stumble across that commerical! Always fun to see things like that so many years later.