Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Heritage Update Team Set.

Like a lot of people, Heritage is big favourite of mine in the Topps Cannon of releases.  Snapping up cards of Blue Jays players on old-timey designs?  How could I ever resist that?

But this Online Only Heritage Update (Limited to 1000 sets!)  makes me sour.  It makes me so sour that I typed up a long-assed screed, brimming with angst....which after some reflection & sober second thought, have decided against posting.

I'm just going to show the Blue Jays team set & be done with it.   Bah.

#H578 J.A. Happ

#H592 Brandon Morrow

#H644 Colby Rasmus

#H633 Kelly Johnson

#H673 Drew Hutchison

1 comment:

Roy-Z said...

These are awful.

The Hutch and Morrow are ok. But the rest...ugh. I really, really dislike this set - though I love the Bautista, Santos and Janssens.