Thursday, November 8, 2012

Birds For Birds.

 Behold!  The all too rare Blue Jay for Blue Jay trade post!

A few weeks ago I put it out there that I wanted to clear out some excess cards.  I've become somewhat more concerned about space & the opportunity to pare things down was appealing.  Thankfully some nice folks from the Internets laid claim to their team & I was able to ship out a fair bit of cardboard.  I didn't want anything in return but...I wasn't going to turn down Jays cards if people were so inclined to send 'em.

Roy is the curator of the excellent blog Plain Gray Swatch.  He collects Blue Jays so we agreed on a Blue Jays for Blue Jays swap.

First, take another peep at the Dustin McGowan auto up there.  Roy was very generous to send Dusty's signature & well, I'm elated to have it.  McGowan, the oft injured right hander is a bit of a sentimental favourite of mine, so this is sweet.  Get well soon Dusty.  

 Roy sent quite a few early 2000's Blue Jays cards, which is great because I wasn't really following the team (or baseball) then & I certainly wasn't collecting baseball cards.

Homer Bush takes flight.  Homer was a somewhat productive regular on thoese early 2000's Jays teams.

Kevin Cash was another stalwart on those teams & until a week or so ago, was an Advanced Scout for the Jays.  But - like a lot of the Jays off-field personnel, he's jumped to another team.  Cash is now the bullpen coach on Terry Francona's staff in Cleveland.

In 2004 Alexis Rios was the team's Top Prospect. 

By 2006 I was a fully engaged fan again.  Sandi & I decided to take in a game one Sunny Sunday afternoon vs the Mariners.  It was the first Jays game either of us had ever been to.  Of course, that game went 14 innings (!)...we stayed for the duration and Bengie Molina was kind enough to FINALLY end the game for a walkoff victory.  Despite the four or five hours at the yard that day, we left happy & went to another game the next week. 

Thanks for the trade Roy! 


Roy-Z said...

I'm glad you like them. I have been accumulating many, many doubles, and am even starting to get doubles of Delgados.

It worked out incredibly well that you collected before I did - and I in turn picked it up when you were away.

I am sure we can do this again sometime - I love the before-my-time Jays.

Dennis said...

Absolutely. Anytime you wanna do another swap, lemme know. I'm game. Thanks the cards!